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Boilers,HRSGS and Steam Plant Calculations:Papers,articles

This site has several,short and interesting articles on Boilers,HRSGS and steam plant calculations, which should be of interest to Engineers involved in Steam plant Engineering,Design or Operation of Boiler or Steam Power Plants,Process Plants,Cogeneration and Combined Cycle Plants.Sample printouts from a few steam plant programs and HRSG simulation are also included.

What is HRSG simulation(also a FREE demo)
Books,Software on Boilers,HRSGs,Steam Plant    Calculations and pricing information
A partial List of Ganapathy's Papers
A Course on Waste Heat Boilers and Steam generators
A Quiz on Boiler,HRSG performance aspects
Classification of Waste Heat Boilers
Cheng Cycle Heat Recovery System
Kalina Cycle Heat Recovery System
Heat Recovery in Hydrogen Plants
Heat Recovery in Sulfur & Sulfuric Acid Plants
Specifying Steam Generators and Waste Heat Boilers
Example on optimizing gas/steam temperature profiles
Generating steam efficiently in cogeneration plants
Effect of fresh air flow on HRSG Efficiency
Methods to improve HRSG efficiency
Estimating heat up time for boilers
Evaluating HRSG Field Performance Data
Effect of fin configuration on heat transfer
Determining Tube side Heat Transfer Coefficients
Effect of Tube side Heat Transfer Coefficient on Fin Selection
High Temperature Corrosion problems in Waste Heat Boilers
Minimizing Acid Corrosion Concerns

Converting NOx,CO from mass to volumetric units
Understanding HRSG temperature profiles
Fouling in Waste Heat Boilers
Fouling inside Finned Tube Surfaces
Effect of Gas analysis on Boiler Heat Transfer
Combustion calculations for Air,Gas Turbine Exhaust
Radiant versus Convective Superheaters
Boiler Efficiency Calculations Simplified
Fire Tube vs Water Tube Boilers
Relating deaeration steam flow and boiler,feed water quality
Noise and Vibration problems in Boilers
Effect of Air Density on Boiler Fan Performance
Myth about Boiler Surface Areas
Evaluate Boiler,HRSG Operating Costs
Designing Superheaters for High and Low Pressure Operation
Steaming Economizers,understand the Basics
Boiler and HRSG Emissions-1
Boiler and HRSG Emissions-2
Results from HRSGS program -optimization of temperature profiles
Results from HRSGS program -multipressure fresh air fired HRSG
Results from Turbine exhaust combustion calculations
Results from Multiple fuel Combustion program
Steam temperature control using spray attemperation

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These web pages,articles,papers,calculation procedures,surmises reflect my personal views on various technical aspects and not those of any organization.The author is not responsible for any loss or damage to equipment or deficiency in plant performance if these procedures or guidelines were implemented. These are general,technical discussions and conclusions may vary depending on case to case and specific situation or boundary conditions. The mainpurpose of these web pages is to educate and stimulate thinking among young engineers,aspiring consultants and even experienced engineers who have misconceptions about boiler performance aspects!NONE OF THE ABOVE ORIGINAL ARTICLES OF MINE MAY BE REPRODUCED OR USED AT OTHER FORUMS/WEB SITES/PAPERS/DOCUMENTS/BOOKS WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ME... V.GANAPATHY.