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Boilers,HRSGS and Steam Plant Calculations:Books and Software

This site offers information about my Books and Software on Boilers,HRSGS and steam plant calculations,which should be of interest to Engineers involved in Engineering,Design or Operation of Steam Power Plants,Process Plants,Cogeneration and Combined Cycle Ganapathy if interested in ordering the books,programs.


1.Programs for Steam Plant Engineers - $ 400 (single user)
2.HRSGS Simulation Program - $ 1500(single user) (updated 2009
3.COILS program -$ 750(single user)
4.Industrial Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators( NEW book!)-$ 239 

All programs run on all versions of Windows. Try the Free HRSGS and COILS Demo-see links below.Prices shown for programs are for single user. For more information, contact: V.Ganapathy,Chennai,India. ph:91-44-24359873

COILS Program
Program predicts performance of bare/finned tube coils such as superheater,evaporator,economizer,air heater,given their geometry such as tube sizes,fin geometry,tube spacings,length and gas flow,inlet temperature,gas analysis,fluid flow and inlet temperature. Obtain duty,exit temperatures of both fluids, gas/fluid pressure drops,tube wall,fin tip temperatures and more information on new or operating coils and compare actual vs operating data!
[British and Metric units]
 Click here for more information on this new program and for a FREE downloadable Demo.
Programs for Steam Plant Engineers
Collection of 21 programs ranging from boiler duty,efficiency calculations,steam properties,dew point of acid vapors,deaerator energy balance, expansion of steam in steam turbines,multi-layered insulation/refractory performance,combustion and efficiency calculations for single/multiple fuel firing,flue gas properties,tube thickness calculations-internal,external pressure, gas turbine exhaust burner calculations,stack heat loss ,wall temperature calculations & more[British & Metric units]
Click here for the List of Programs in the above package
Results from multiple fuel combustion program
Results from combustion calculations of turbine exhaust
HRSGS-Heat Recovery Steam Generator Simulation Program
Program analyzes design/off-design performance of single,multiple pressure HRSGS in unfired,fired modes. Configure your own HRSG with up to 13 modules or 6 pressure levels.Obtain energy balances,steam flows,fuel inputs with fan/GT exhaust operation. Optimize temperature profiles,evaluate field data of existing HRSGS,perform "what if" studies, evaluate effect of gas turbine performance on HRSGs. Ideal for consultants,plant engineers,gas turbine suppliers,cogen/combined cycle plant developers..easy to use..Obtain all performance information on HRSGS fast without having to contact HRSG suppliers..Understand HRSG performance; write better specifications for HRSGS.
Up to 10 modules or pressure levels* check potential steaming problems in economizers* simulate fan or GT exhaust operation* compare different gas turbines to see which is better for your HRSG * Study effect of pressure,feed water temperature variations on your new or existing HRSGs* Field data can be evaluated and compared with design guarantees even if the gas exhaust flows,temperatures,gas analysis or steam parameters are different* a useful tool for checking HRSG performance gurantees.Easy to use and fast[all versions of windows. British & Metric units]
Download the HRSGDEMO program.A three pressure level HRSG as shown below is evaluated for design and off-design fired performance. Demo requires about 1.5 MB hard disk space after extraction.create a directory called HR in your C: drive.Copy the file VGDEMOD.exe to C:\HR and on prompt key VGDEMOD and all files will extract. Run from windows using the command C:\HR\HRSGDEMO:Download the FREE HRSGS Demo program!

Results from HRSGS program -optimization of temperature profiles
Results from HRSGS program -multipressure fresh air fired HRSG
Simplify HRSG evaluation-theory behind HRSG simulation

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