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Boiler and HRSG Consultancy Services

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Consultant Profile
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This is a single person consultancy. Plants/end users may use  my services for technical support on existing boilers,for a second opinion before purchasing a Boiler/HRSG,evaluating different bids technically and asking the boiler supplier right questions before order or  for existing Boiler/HRSG performance evaluation/improvement . With soaring fuel costs,plants are asking if the efficiency of their steam generator or HRSG can be improved. Options based on case to case can be studied. Steam temperature too low or high, superheater tube wall temperature too high, desuperheater spray too much,efficiency lower than predicted, what if boiler/HRSG has to operate under different gas/steam side parameters,checking boiler circulation are a few of the typical issues.   



* Over 37 years of experience in thermal design/performance issues of steam generators/waste heat boilers
* Consultants typically recommend low cost boilers which may cost the end user in the long run through high operating costs. A second opinion before you buy the boiler/HRSG adds value to your project 
* Primary focus is on thermal design/performance and design of boiler. On  behalf of the plant or end user,I can question the boiler supplier and challenge his design,selection of surface geometry,fin geometry,heat flux,circulation or materials or performance.
* Hobbies: learning Sanskrit,Walking,losing video games to grand children

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