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Online Programs for Steam Plant Engineers-FREE!

V.Ganapathy, Consultant,Flat B4, 8-9 nana street, Chennai 600017, India  

email:  ph: 91-44-24359873/9883 

A quiz on Boilers and HRSGs

HRSG gas/steam temperature profiles and steam generation (single pressure)

Expansion of steam in steam turbines(power generation)

OIl/gas fired boiler efficiency from field data

Sulfuric acid dew point calculation

Boiler duty calculations(energy absorbed by steam)

Steam pressure drop in pipes

Waste heat boiler perfomance prediction(evaporator only)

Blow down and flash steam estimation


Due to bandwidth limitations of the asp server and heavy usage of the FREE ONLINE PROGRAMS it is likely that the online programs may not be available all the time. Hence try again later if the site is not available at that moment.Thanks

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