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Publications on Boilers,HRSGs by V.Ganapathy


The following is a partial list of papers published by V.Ganapathy,P.O.Box 673,Abilene,Texas 79604,USA..

"Heat Recovery Steam Generators",Chem Engg Progress,Aug 1996
"21st Century package boilers will be larger and more environmentally friendly"Power Engineering,Aug 2001
"Superheaters: design and performance"Hydrocarbon Processing,July 2001
"Optimize energy efficiency of HRSG"Hydrocarbon Processing,Dec 2001
"Boiler Circulation Calculations"Hydrocarbon Processing,Jan 98
"How emissions affect design and performance of packaged boilers"Chemical Engineering,Dec 2001
"Making the Right Choice in Packaged Steam Generators"Pet Tech,Autumn 98,London
"Understand Boiler performance Characteristics",Hydrocarbon Proc,Aug 1994
"Simplified Approach to HRSG performance Evaluation",ASME -IJPGC ,Oct 1991
"Win more energy from Hot Gases",Chemical Engineering,March 1990
"Heat Recovery Boilers-the options",Chemical Engg Prog,Feb 1992
"HRSG Heat Transfer",Heating,Piping &Air-Conditioning,March 1990
"Simplify Heat Recovery Steam generator Simulation",Hydrocarbon Proc,March 1990
"Temperature Profiles determine HRSG steam production",Power Engg,May 1993
"Estimating performance of HRSGs is simplified",Power Engg, Aug 1994
"Evaluating Gas Turbine Heat Recovery Boilers",Chemical Engg,Dec 7,1987
"Recover Heat when generating Power",Chemical Engg,Feb 1993
"Solve waste-fuel boiler corrosion problems",Power Engg,Sept 1991
"HRSG features and Applications",Heating ,Piping,Air-Conditioning,Jan 1989
"Design and Evaluate Finned Tube Bundles",Hydrocarbon Processing,Sept 1996
"How Important is Surface Area",Chem Engg Prog,oct 1992
"Fouling-the silent Heat Transfer Thief",Hydrocarbon Processing,Oct 1992
"Effects of fouling in Heat Tranfer Equipment",Plant Engg,March 4,1993
"Applications of HRSG simulation",Ind Energy Tech Conf,April 95,Houston
"Simulations aids Cogeneration System Analysis",Chemical Engg prog,Oct 1993
"Heat Recovery Steam Generators",Chemical Engg,Jan 1993
"Maximize steam generation with gas turbine HRSGs",Hydrocarbon Proc,Oct 1991
"Recover heat from waste incineration",Hydrocarbon Processing,Sept 1995
"Evaluating waste heat boiler systems",Plant Engg,Nov 22,1990
"Improving HRSG performance",Power Engg,July 1996
"HRSG temperature profiles guide energy recovery",Power,Sept 1988
"How to evaluate HRSG performance",Power June 1991
"Specifiy Steam Generators properly",Chemical Engineering Progress,Sept 1993
"Customized Steam Generator Designs",ASME-IEEE power gen conf,Kansas,Oct 1993
"Understand Steam Generator performance",Chemical Engineering progress,Dec 1994
"Converting ppm to lb/Mm btus:an easy method", Power Engg,April 1992
"Evaluate extended surfaces caerfully"
,Hydrocarbon Processing,Oct 1990
"Trends in Packaged Steam generators",Plant Engg,Sept 1996
"Estimating performance of HRSGs is simplified",Power Engg,Aug 1994
"Full Steam Ahead",Chem Proc Tech Intl,UK,March 1995
"Calculate moisture content of steam",Chemical Engg,Aug 1993
"Compute Dew Point of acid gases",Hydrocarbon Proc,Feb 1993
"Basic program computes boiler and heater efficiencies",Hydrocarbon Proc,May 1989
"Whats New in Packaged Steam Generator Designs?",APC,Chicago,April 97
"Specifying Steam generators",IETC,Wash D.C.,Aug 1996
"Improving efficiency of energy Recovery in HRSGs",APC,Chicago,April 1996
"Evaluating Packaged Steam Generator Designs",IETC, Houston,April 1997
"Heat Recovery Steam Generator for Cheng cycle",ASME Ind Power Conf,San Diego,1988
"How to specify Waste Heat Boilers" ,Plant Services,Feb 1993
"Quick Conversion of NOx and CO emission rates",Chemical Engg,Dec 1989
"Cold end Corrosion :causes and cures",Hydrocarbon Proc,Jan 1989
"Avoid Heat Transfer Equipment Vibration",Hydrocarbon Proc,June 1987
"Heat Recovery Boilers for process Applications",IETC,Houston,May 1985
"Efficiently generate steam from cogeneration plants" Chemical Engg,May 1997
"Recent trends in Packaged Steam generator Designs",Intl Conf on Power Engineering,Tokyo,July,1997

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