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Articles on Boilers,HRSGsV.Ganapathy
Understand Boiler Performance Characteristics
Avoid Heat Transfer Equipment Vibration
HRSG for Cheng Cycle Application
Fouling -the Silent Heat Transfer Thief
Effect of gas pressure on Heat Transfer inside tubes
Effect of gas pressure on Heat Transfer outside tubes
Boiler Circulation Calculations
What you should know about boilers and performance
How important is surface area

Evaluate extended surface exchangers carefully
Understand Steam generator performance
Cold end Corrosion:Causes and Cures
Optimize energy recovery in HRSGs
HRSG: Understand the basics
Specify Packaged Steam generators properly
Simulation aids cogeneration system analysis
Simplify HRSG evaluation-HRSG simulation
Understand the basics of packaged Steam generators
Superheaters: design and performance

[I have selected a few interesting articles which were originally published in journals such as Hydrocarbon processing,Chemical Engineering progress..They were scanned and converted to pdf format and hence some symbols,text,equations,figures may be distorted. You need Acrobat Reader to access these articles.]
These articles were reproduced with special permission from these magazines and hence they may not be uploaded to other sites without written permission from the magazines.

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