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Programs for Steam Plant Engineers    V.Ganapathy


1.Acid Dew Point Calculations
2.Boiler Duty Calculations
3.Multiple Fuel Combustion and Boiler Efficiency
4.Gas Turbine Exhaust Combustion Calculations
5.Heat Loss in Circular Stacks,Ducts and Wall Temperatures
6.Deaerator Energy Balance Calculations
7.Expansion of Steam in Steam Turbines
8.Flash Steam Calculations
9.Gas Side Duty,Temperatures
10.Properties of Flue Gases
11.Heat Transfer,Pressure Drop inside Tubes
12.Hold-up Volume in Vessels
13.Heat Loss ,temperature Profiles in Multi-layered Insulation,Refractory
14.Steam Properties
15.Spray Desuperheater Calculations
16.Throttling of Steam
17.Thickness of Tubes Subject to Internal Pressure
18.Thickness of Tubes subject to External Pressure
19.Steam Flow in Blow-off Lines
20.Flue Gas Volume to Weight Conversion
21.Unit Conversions

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