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The following are the results from the program on combustion calculations using gas turbine exhaust.120,000 lb/h of Turbine exhaust  at 900 F is heated to 1200 F using a natural gas duct burner.The program computes the fuel input and the exhaust gas analysis,once the fuel analysis is given. It shows 10.56 MM Btu/h on LHV basis is required. The exhaust oxygen is reduced to 13.45 % volume.Based on known content of NOx and CO in the incoming gas(10 lb/h) and contributions from the burner,which can be varied(0.1 lb/MM NOx and CO were used in this example),the program also computes the emissions in ppmvd-15 % oxygen dry as reference in the final exhaust gases.It is interesting to note that the actual NOx ppmvd in the exhaust gases after combustion is less than that in the incoming gases.Note that the program does not predict the burner emissions but converts suggested burner contributions in lb/MM Btu fired to ppmvd basis.
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