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Course on Steam generators,Waste Heat Boilers & Heat Transfer
V.Ganapathy:  email:  ph:91-44-24359873/24359883(Chennai,India)
Address: Flat B4,8-9 nana street,T.Nagar,Chennai 600017,India

In addition to consulting on boilers/HRSGs and heat recovery,I also conduct courses on thermal and process design aspects of Steam generators,Waste heat boilers,HRSGs including Process Heat Transfer. This 2 to 4 day course can be conducted at your facility or can be arranged through Calibre Communications (Chemical Industry Digest) any where in India.I also conduct courses overseas if invited. I have conducted several 2 to 5 day courses for organizations such as: PDVSA,Venezuela,RIPI,Iran,NTPC(delhi),Thermax(pune),Reliance(patalganga),IPCL,L&T(vadodara) and in Bahrain(for Saudi Aramco,Saubic).Please email me if you need more information. Plant engineers will benefit from the discussions on performance aspects of superheaters,evaporators,economizers,circulation,heat transfer,field data analysis etc. They will also learn to evaluate proposals and bids from process view point and ask the right questions before buying any boiler. It is the author's feeling(after numerous discussions with Indian plants, that proper questions are not posed to the boiler supplier before the boiler is purchased and hence several performance issues crop up after the equipment is installed.(on-site courses may be ideal for plants with 20-30 participants..)
Plant engineers,energy management and steam plant engineers,consultants involved in cogeneration or heat recovery projects,performance engineering,contractors in all process industries. Emphasis is on industrial applications,design and performance prediction including discussion of operational issues. A backgound in heat transfer or process calculations will be very helpful. Using the methods taught at the course,one can predict or understand the boiler or HRSG performance, efficiency or off-design performance or study the impact of boiler/hrsg modifications or steam/fuel/gas flow variations on unit performnace. One need not go back to the boiler or HRSG supplier for each sizing or performance evaluation studies.
A special course on BOILER CALCULATIONS is also available. This will enable process engineers who have some background in process design to evaluate the performance of boilers,heat recovery systems and their components such as superheaters,economizers,evaporators and also evaluate important aspects such as boiler efficiency,circulation,heat flux,tube or fin temperatures,off-design performance or fouling. They can evaluate the performance of steam generators and check if the component or system is functioning well or not at any load condition. Problems of a practical nature and analysis of field data are emphasised.

  • Boiler,HRSG sizing/design, calculations and off-design performance evaluation
  • Applications of Waste heat recovery
  • Design of bare and finned tube boilers
  • Packaged oil & gas fired steam generators: recent trends in design
  • Superheaters,evaporators,economizers
  • Fire tube boiler design and performance
  • Unfired and fired gas turbine HRSGs
  • High and low temperature corrosion 
  • Acoustic vibration problems
  • Writing better boiler specifications
  • Simulation of HRSGs and understanding pinch,approach points 
  • Heat flux and boiler circulation calculations
  • Significance of boiler surface areas and impact on heat transfer
  • Cost and effects of fouling inside/outside tubes
  • Balancing initial and operating costs of boilers
  • NOx and CO emission issues in steam generators and waste heat boilers
  • SCR and flue gas recirculation in boilers
  • How to improve efficiency of existing and future HRSGs
  • Evaluating field data of existing superheaters,boiler bank,economizer,air heater etc for fouling or inadequacy of heating surfaces or duty improvement
  • Generating steam efficiently in cogen plants
  • Quiz

Ganapathy has over 30 years of experience in the engineering of steam generators,HRSGs and waste heat boilers with emphasis on thermal design,process design and performance aspects.He has authored over 250 articles and has authored 4 books on boilers and heat recovery. He has also contributed several chapters to the Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design and the Handbook of Engineering Calculations. His latest book "Industrial Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators"  will be also used as a reference at the course.His software "HRSGS" will be demonstrated for simulating the design and off-design performance of complex,multiple pressure,unfired and fired HRSGs.Ganapathy presently lives in Chennai,India and offers consultancy on Boilers, Heat Recovery steam generators.

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