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Boilers & HRSGs

 V.Ganapathy, Consultant, 8-9 nana street,T.nagar,Chennai 600017,India

Ph: 044-24359873, 9883



Ganapathy is a consultant on boilers and hrsgs,particularly related to their performance evaluation and thermal design. He develops custom software for boiler/HRSG design and performance. He also conducts courses on boilers and waste heat recovery. He has conducted intensive courses for organizations such as PDVSA(venezuela),RIPI(iran),Farab(Iran),NTPC(noida/delhi),Reliance,IPCL,L&T,Thermax(pune) and in Bahrain(for Saudi companies)and a few other organizations around the world. He holds a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras,India and MSc(engg) from Madras University and has over 37 years(about 12 years with BHEL Trichy,over 21 years with ABCO Industries,Texas,USA and rest as Consultant in Chennai)of experience in thermal and process design /performance aspects of boilers and heat recovery equipment-.Ganapathy is the author of over 250 articles which have appeared in various magazines in USA,UK and India. He is the author of four books and has contributed several chapters to the Encyclopedia of Chemical processing and Design and the Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Calculations. His latest book is ,”Industrial Boilers and HRSGs” published by CRC Press,USA.

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