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Boilers,HRSGS and Steam Plant Calculations:Books and Software by V.Ganapathy

This site offers information about my Books and Software on Boilers,HRSGs and Steam Plant calculations,which should be of interest to Engineers involved in Design,Engineering or Operation of Steam,Power and Cogeneration Plants.


1.Waste Heat Boiler Deskbook - $ 78($ 95 outside USA)
2.Steam Plant Calculations Manual - $ 89( $ 100)
3.Programs for Steam Plant Engineers - $ 250
4.HRSGS Simulation Program - $ 650
5.Combustion Programs - $ 32
6.Stack temperature,Heat Loss Programs -$52

Contact: V.Ganapathy,P.O.Box 673,Abilene,Texas 79604,USA ph:915-677-9876

Waste Heat Boiler Deskbook Comprehensive information on design and performance aspects of various types of waste heat boilers. Design,calculation procedures are given-$ 78($ 95 outside USA,Canada) [ book is also available from the pubisher Fairmont Press,Atlanta,GA . ph: 770-925-9388]
Heat Recovery Boilers for Gas Turbine exhaust,solid,liquid and gaseous incineration systems,Hydrogen,sulfuric acid and sulfur recovery plants,Cat Crackers,clean and dirty flue gases* Fire tube boiler design/performance* Water tube boiler design, calculations,off-design performance*Superheater,Evaporator,Economizer design*How to avoid steaming problems in Economizers*Simulation of HRSG performance* Specifying Waste Heat Boilers* Water Chemistry* Calculations using Finned tubes and bare tubes* Low temperature corrosion*Acid dew point calculations*Boiler circulation*Effect of fouling on performance of bare/finned tube water tube boilers*Fouling in fire tube boilers* 65 worked out problems covering various aspects of heat recovery boilers.
Steam plant Calculations Manual (second edition)
About 200 problems of interest to steam plant engineers covering boilers,fluid flow,fans,pumps,heat transfer-$ 89($100 outside USA)[ book is also available from the publisher Marcel Dekker,New York ph: 1.800.228.1160]
Fuels,combustion,ASME heat loss calculations and efficiency of boilers*Simplified combustion calculations* Fluid flow,pressure drop calculations including circulation calculations in fire tube and water tube boilers*Flow in blow down lines*Deaerator energy balance* Heat transfer equipment sizing*Heat Loss through Insulation/refractory*Calculations with bare,finned tubes* Design,Off-design performance calculations of boilers* Fans,pumps,steam turbines* How ambient temperature affects fan performance*CO,NOx conversion calculations for gas turbine exhaust/ boiler flue gases*Equation for oxygen consumption versus firing temperature.
Programs for Steam Plant Engineers
-21 programs ranging from boiler duty,efficiency calculations,steam properties,dew point of acid vapors,deaerator energy balance, expansion of steam in steam turbines,multi-layered insulation/refractory performance,combustion and efficiency calculations for single/multiple fuel firing,flue gas properties,tube thickness calculations-internal,external pressure, gas turbine exhaust burner calculations,stack heat loss ,wall temperature calculations & more[$ 250 - windows 3.1 and above .British & Metric units]

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HRSGS-Heat Recovery Steam Generator Simulation Program
Program analyzes design/off-design performance of single,multiple pressure HRSGS in unfired,fired modes. Configure your own HRSG with up to 10 modules or pressure levels.Obtain energy balances,steam flows,fuel inputs with fan/GT exhaust operation. Optimize temperature profiles,evaluate field data of existing HRSGS,perform "what if" studies, evaluate effect of gas turbine performance on HRSGs. Ideal for consultants,plant engineers,gas turbine suppliers,cogen/combined cycle plant developers..easy to use..Obtain all performance information on HRSGS fast without having to contact HRSG suppliers..Understand HRSG performance; write better specifications for HRSGS.
Up to 10 modules or pressure levels* check potential steaming problems in economizers* simulate fan or GT exhaust operation* compare different gas turbines to see which is better for your HRSG * Study effect of pressure,feed water temperature variations on your new or existing HRSGs* Field data can be evaluated and compared with design guarantees even if the gas exhaust flows,temperatures,gas analysis or steam parameters are different* a useful tool for checking HRSG performance guarantees.Easy to use and fast[$ 650 - British & Metric units]
Combustion programs for boiler,cogeneration engineers(As published in Mechanical Engineering)
Two programs are offered in this package.
1.Program computes boiler duty,performs combustion calculations for single or multiple fuel firing(up to four fuels-oil,gas,solid ),computes gas analysis,adiabatic combustion temperatures,NOx and CO conversions from lb/MM Btu to ppmv efficiencies(HHV,LHV basis) per ASME PTC 4.1,air,gas flows,fuel inputs for each fuel and on overall basis. Percent duty of each fuel may be varied.For example the boiler may be firing 75 % gas and 25 % oil or four different fuels with, say, 25%,35%,14% and 26 % duty.
2.Also included in this disk is a program for gas turbine,diesel engine exhaust combustion calculations. Given fuel input in MM Btu/h or the desired firing temperature,program computes for oil/gaseous fuels the other variable. Exhaust gas analysis after combustion is printed out. Fuel consumption for fresh air firing also obtained. Maximum fuel inputs based on fresh air or turbine exhaust may also be obtained.
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Metric and British Units. $32.
Stack Temperature,Heat loss calculations( as published in Mechanical Engineering)
This package contains 3 programs.
1.Heat loss from circular uninsulated stacks and stack wall temperature calculations. Given the gas flow,temperature,analysis ,stack diameter,thickness height and ambient conditions,the program computes:heat loss per unit surface area,inner wall temperature,outer wall temperature,exit gas temperature from stack,gas velocity and heat transfer coefficient. Knowledge of inner wall temperature helps to see if condensation of acid vapors can occur in uninsulated stacks.
2.Heat loss from multi-layered flat or circular surfaces. This program computes the heat loss and interface temperatures and casing temperature from multi-layered refractory/insulation,given Hot face temperature,ambient temperature,wind velocity and refractory type,thickness.You can add to the existing list of refractory/insulation or create your own list of insulation(from within the program or by editing a simple text file).
3.Dew point of acid vapors. This program computes the dew point of acid vapors such as hydrochloric acid,water vapor,hydrobromic acid,sulfuric acid,nitric acid,given gas analysis and pressure. useful for checking if condensation of vapors can occur.
(Metric/British units.$ 52)
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